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Past President was awarded Midland's Senior Volunteer of the Year 2013 in June. Over the past 10 years, Vi has served as our  Board member, Treasurer, Vice-President and three terms as President. She also volunteers outside Askennonia.  Vi is a driving force behind Askennonia's success.  Thanks Violet!!
55 Alive Driver Refresher Course with retired Chief Paul Hamelin will run Mon Nov 4... + read more
Every year Askennonia hosts a luncheon for our Veterans and our community members who want to express our gratitude for their service. Veterans are encouraged to sign up for this free Swiss Chalet Chicken Luncheon and civilians purchase tickets. The luncheon is hosted by our line dancers and entertainment varies year to year. This year, author and radio personality Ted Barris will return to speak of his latest book, Canadian Involvement in the Great Escape. Ted delivered a fantastic program two... + read more
model planes will fly indoors at Askennonia
Indoor Flying Club Radio Controlled Fixed Wing & Helicopters Monday afternoons @ 12:45—2:45 pm   $1 per visit.     Drop-in Bob Parkinson has been flying radio controlled planes and helicopters for years. You too can become a RC aerobatic pilot. Come hear how to get started with ready-to-fly models, learn about flight simulators and then fly indoors.  Participants will enjoy discounts with suppliers. Call Bob 705-999-3400 for more... + read more
Talent Contest Participants
The Midland Seniors Got Talent Show was filled with laughs, talents and a wonderful variety of acts.  The Birds of Prey Show was a great learning opportunity for the all-ages audience and allowed people to get up-close and personal with owls, falcons and hawks.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.  Askennonia welcomed over 75 new members and the Chili Lunch was delicious!!


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