If I Could Go Back and Change One Thing by Pat Schofield, June 20, 2015

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If I Could Go Back and Change One Thing by Pat Schofield, June 20, 2015 If I could go back and change one thing It would be to be born again, Not in the form of human shape, Camouflaged, in an invisible state Floating about in outer space Surrounding the planet as it takes shape, Coercing directions of the human race. Mankind would never have to kill To have enough to eat their fill, The plant world would suffice And sharing food would be the price, Extended bellies would not exist, Only peaceful sleep that had been kissed Mother Nature would be revered, To love a bug would not be weird, To hug a tree, to smell a flower, These would be expressions of power. To whisper and sing with the wind, To let the soul be washed within Absorbing the celerian sea, Knowing how things should be. Losing oneself in the stars at night Seeing far beyond one’s sight. War would never be our fate, Or violence, or greed, or hate, Love and joy would be our mate. Disease and destruction would not be found, But sounds of laughter would abound, And Mindfulness worn like a crown. Earth would be a perfect place For all colour, creed, and race, For all creatures big and small, For all days and all nights to fall. And I, in my new state Could contribute to mankind’s fate, A guardian and messenger preventing strife Oh, it would be a wonderful life.